New Poll Shows 60% of California Voters Support Recreational Marijuana Legalization

New Poll Shows 60 Percent of Likely California Voters Support Recreational Marijuana Legalization

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A new poll just released from Probolsky Research shows that almost 60% of likely voters in California will support an initiative to legalize, regulate and tax the use, production and sale of recreational marijuana to adults.

While 59.9% of respondents said they were at least somewhat likely to vote for such a measure, 42.7% said they would definitely vote yes. On the flip side, less than 30% of respondents said they would definitely vote no. While the vote would not be until November of this year, that is a good base of support to build a campaign on.

As you may know, the frontrunner initiative “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” has major backing, organization and money from the likes of Weedmaps and the major force behind the measure, tech billionaire Sean Parker.

While recreational legalization seems like a done deal this year in California, for all the reasons listed above, it would be good for us to remember a similar atmosphere of confidence in the early days of what became Prop 19 in 2010. As the campaign wore on, Prop 19 looked more and more likely to go down to defeat, making the first attempt at recreational legalization a failure in the very state that was the first to pass medical marijuana legalization.

The window for legalization will not stay open forever. Eventually the average voter will tire of the issue, assuming that if it wasn’t legalized “by now,” there is no point or it’s really not necessary. Since only about 10% of the U.S. population uses cannabis regularly, we cannot afford for the average, tolerant voter to wander off and stop caring.

Legalization is inevitable, but only because we make it so. Without activists nothing would have been accomplished to this point and there would be no hope for the future. The time is now.