Ohio Attorney General Rejects Medical Marijuana Initiative Ballot Language

Ohio Attorney General Rejects Medical Marijuana Initiative Ballot Language

The medical marijuana ballot measure backed by the Marijuana Policy Project in Ohio that we have been reporting on has already hit a snag. Last week Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine rejected Ohioans for Medical Marijuana’s submitted language for the measure, saying it contained several discrepancies. 

As many of our readers know, Atty Gen. Dewine is no fan of marijuana legalization or even decriminalization. This is one of the reasons activists weren’t surprised by the rejection.

"This is just part of Ohio's very rigorous initiative process, so it's not particularly surprising," said Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert.

The group plans on tweaking the language and getting the 1,000 signatures needed to re-submit to the Attorney General. Time is of the essence because OMM wants to start gathering signatures for the ballot in April; they will need 300,000+ by July 6th.

There are two other medical marijuana petitions awaiting a decision by Atty Gen. Dewine; these should come down in the next few days. The state legislature is also in the process of looking at the issue of medical marijuana.

After the debacle of Issue 3 last November and the folding of Legalize Ohio 2016, any hopes for recreational legalization in the state in 2016 went by the wayside. But medical marijuana can be a strong possibility if Ohioans for Medical Marijuana can get past the Attorney General. The Marijuana Policy Project has the funding and the expertise to get the job done, as they have proven in several states, including Colorado.

Medical marijuana has great poll numbers in Ohio, as it does in many states. Now is the time to get it done and at least get relief for some medical patients while activists work on full legalization in the future.