Is Ohio’s Issue 3 Gaining Momentum?

Ohio’s Issue 3 Gaining Momentum?

In marijuana law reform’s short history, there has never been a ballot measure more contentious than Issue 3 in Ohio. Battles ensue over social media daily, angry blog posts are written, Facebook profile pictures proclaim how many people plan to vote and how they plan to vote. Anyone who supports Issue 3 is accused of being a paid shill of ResponsibleOhio, as if an imperfect legalization measure could only be supported by those paid to do so. As I’ve said before, I thought we all got into this to legalize cannabis; maybe some have other motives as well.

In any case, as RO crisscrosses the state attending debates and town halls and their promotional bus hits college campuses from one end of Ohio to another, momentum seems to be gathering, despite the numerous obstacles Issue 3 has seen so far.

A new WKYC/Kent State Poll shows support for Issue 3 is ticking up slightly, with 56% saying they plan on voting for RO legalization. The problem is that support for Issue 2 – which would nullify Issue 3 – is at 54%. This means a certain portion of the voting population is absolutely clueless about one, or even both of the measures.

"If the election were held today and nearly all registered voters participated, both Issue 2 and Issue 3 would likely pass leading to a constitutional crisis," said Ryan Claassen, associate professor in Kent State's Department of Political Science. "About 57% of voters that plan to vote yes on Issue 2 also plan to vote yes for Issue 3."

Of course education about the two issues will continue to pare down the number of people voting for both, but time is running out. We are now less than three weeks away from the vote in Ohio; less than three weeks from what could be Ohio’s last chance at recreational and medical marijuana legalization for a while.