Ohio’s Issue 3 Going Down to the Wire

Ohio’s Issue 3 Going Down to the Wire

Tuesday night voters in Ohio will decide on recreational and medical marijuana legalization in their state. They will decide on Issue 3 and Issue 2 and there are several outcomes possible when all the votes have been counted:

*If both Issues fail: there is no marijuana legalization, but the way will be open for more ballot initiatives in the future.

*If Issue 3 passes and Issue 2 fails: marijuana will be legal in the state of Ohio (barring court challenges pending in other matters).

*If both Issues pass: Issue 2 will supersede Issue 3 and marijuana will not be legal in Ohio.

*If Issue 2 passes and Issue 3 fails: not only will marijuana not be legal in the state, future initiatives could be shut down before they get off the ground by the state’s ballot board.

Put a simpler way, Ohio voters must decide if they want medical and recreational marijuana legalization or if they want cannabis prohibition to continue. As you can see, there is a lot at stake.

The vote in Ohio will be watched by activists across the country. In fact, there are activists who currently live in legal states that have the nerve to tell the people of Ohio to wait for “better legalization.” That’s like telling someone suffering from dehydration to wait for the rain while you drink from a water hose.

If cannabis is not legalized this year in Ohio, the group ResponsibleOhio will be back; their investors have a lot of money and know how lucrative legal marijuana is. But if they lose the vote this time around, they will come back with a proposal that is more restrictive, not less so. They will keep cutting things until they have the soccer mom votes to pass.

November 3rd is a critical night for the future of marijuana law reform, in Ohio and nationwide.