Poll: Republican Voters Want Presidential Candidates to Respect State Marijuana Laws

Poll: Republican Voters Want Presidential Candidates to Respect State Marijuana Laws

A new poll commissioned by the marijuana law reform group Marijuana Majority shows that Republican presidential primary voters want GOP candidates to let the states decide marijuana policy.

The poll itself was conducted by Public Policy Polling and showed 64% of GOP voters in Iowa and 67% of GOP voters in New Hampshire want their candidates to basically leave marijuana reform alone.

"We put these polls into the field because we want presidential candidates to understand that the voters in these key states — who they need support from to win — overwhelmingly want the next occupant of the Oval Office to scale back federal marijuana prohibition," Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, said in a statement.

I think many of these Republican voters, people who may have been on the fence about legalization, now see the issue as pointless in terms of wanting to put up a fight about it. They may still feel, for whatever reason, that cannabis use is morally objectionable; but they also know that legalization is inevitable and know there are more important things they want to worry about than whether Johnny Hippie is taking bong rips in his apartment.

Candidates like Marco Rubio and Chris Christie have decided to go against these poll numbers in an effort to stand out from the crowded GOP pack. They don’t understand that even voters in their own party don’t want federal resources wasted on keeping states in line with cannabis prohibition and they don’t want a possible Republican president to waste political capital on a lost cause.

Once established GOP opinion pulls away from the notion of marijuana prohibition, there will be no one left to fight the battle except for some fringe elements that were never important to begin with. The War on Marijuana has failed; it’s time we end it and move on to important matters of policy.