Prison Guards Make Large Donation to Keep Pot Illegal in California

Prison Guards Make Large Donation to Keep Pot Illegal in California

Funding for pro pot-prohibition groups has seen a dramatic increase since the beginning of 2016. The anti-legalization movement has already raised a whopping $60,000 this year, before even finishing the second quarter of 2016. This is quite a feat considering the previous year only garnered $13,000 in donations.

The major increase in funding comes in large part from California’s prison guard union, and other law enforcement groups. The long and the short of it is prisoners=$, so these groups and others like them stand to lose not millions but billions in funding — funding that comes from federal anti-drug grants, lost opportunities to seize property, cars, and cash through asset forfeitures, as well as the general profit prisons gain from housing inmates who are there for marijuana offences.

Numbers from 2014 tell us police seized more property without a conviction than all the country’s burglars stole combined.

Even with all the new marijuana reform efforts, weed is still the number-one drug arrest in the U.S. About 700,000 Americans will be arrested for marijuana related offences each year, including about 20,000 Californians.

A prison guard’s union spokesperson stated that prison supervisors oppose “a society that encourages pot use” and “are concerned about their children.”

Registered California voters will vote on the Adult Use of Marijuana Act this Nov. 8. The measure has the support of retired police officers, as well as Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the California Medical Association, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and many others.