Pro-MMJ Group Takes Legal Action to Stop False Anti-Weed Ad

Blatantly False Anti-Pot Ad Makes Pro-MMJ Group Send 'Cease-and-Desist' Letter to TV Stations

A blatantly false anti-medical marijuana ad making the rounds on Florida television has caused pro-MMJ group United for Care to send cease-and-desist letters to all stations airing the ad, based on the federal law that the FCC has the responsibility to prevent commercials that spew illegitimate claims from airing.

The ad was created by the infamously funded and fabricating anti-MMJ group No on 2. It’s titled “It’s Nuts” and claims that voting yes on Amendment 2 will legalize weed, make it so children can get weed on their own without parental permission, and that the whole amendment “is a trick.” One quote from the ad is, “It’s not about compassion. It’s just about legalizing pot smoking.”

All these statements are more than misleading—they are utter falsehoods. The blatancy of the lies is what motivated United for Care to take this legal action.

“The latest No on 2 advertisement showcases the ‘greatest hits’ of all the falsehoods medical marijuana opponents have perpetuated throughout the campaign,“ said Ben Pollara, campaign manager of United for Care. “If medical marijuana opponents want to try to scare Floridans and run a completely false advertisement, they will be held accountable. By law, television broadcasters have a public obligation to refuse to run demonstrably false advertisements. We strongly believe that No on 2’s most recent ad violates this standard.”