Reefer Psychosis: Who Really Has It?

Reefer Psychosis: Who Really Has It?

Outspoken opponent of veterans' rights to medical marijuana, Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana (HuffPost).

Marijuana prohibition relies on misinformation and downright lies; that’s how it started and it’s the only way it survives. The advent of the Internet has almost destroyed the ability of lies about cannabis to live, but they still survive in some pockets. Unfortunately these pockets tend to exist among older people who hold government positions that give them the power to spew their abject stupidity to the six people watching C-Span.

Republican Congressman John Fleming is a prime example of this phenomenon. He is a practicing physician who learned his trade in an era where cannabis wasn’t even discussed in medical school, and if it was, it was lied about using racist 1930s propaganda.

Rep. Fleming took to the floor of the U.S. House recently to give his two cents on the notion that veterans should have access to medical cannabis to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Smoking pot increases psychotic episodes by a factor of two to four times normal,” Fleming said. “The conversion to schizophrenia, a permanent mental disorder, is enhanced by pot by a factor of two — double. Why in the world would we give a drug that is addictive, that is prohibited under Schedule I, that is not accepted for any specific mental disease or disorder and enhances psychosis and schizophrenia, why are we going to give that to our veterans, especially those with PTSD? That is just absolutely insane.”

Of course, those who do actual research know that cannabis is less addictive than caffeine, is accepted in several states for the treatment of mental disorders, and has never been definitively linked to an increased risk of psychosis. In fact, many scientists believe that those with mental disorders are more likely to seek treatment with cannabis.

Reefer psychosis is a real thing, but it seems to affect non-cannabis users instead of cannabis users.

I’ll let Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) finish the destruction of Rep. Fleming’s idiocy.