ResponsibleOhio Launches Advertising Campaign for Issue 3

ResponsibleOhio Launches Advertising Campaign for Issue 3

The marijuana legalization group ResponsibleOhio is no stranger to TV ads pushing their plan, but they have now officially launched the advertising campaign for the newly christened Issue 3, which will be on the Ohio statewide ballot this fall.

As many of our readers may know, the RO plan has taken considerable flak from outside and even from within the cannabis community. But they are taking their multi-million dollar war chest into the fall campaign season, already launching ads in all the major TV markets in the state.

The group’s first ad features a former Cincinnati Police Department captain named Howard Rahtz, who is also a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

“I saw firsthand the effects of Ohio's destructive marijuana laws,” Rahtz says in the ad. “Simply put, they don't work. Ohio spends more than $100 million each year on this failed effort. It's time for marijuana reform.”

According to records, this campaign ad buy set RO back $240,000, which isn’t bad considering they have some $20 million to spend on the campaign. Those who live in Ohio can expect to be seeing these ads pretty much continuously over the next 2+ months.

There are, sadly, some cannabis activists who are actively campaigning against Issue 3. No matter what your reasoning is, voting against a legalization measure is voting for continued prohibition. You can express your hopes for a better plan and lament certain aspects that need improvement, but supporting a no vote on Issue 3 is the same as voting yes for prohibition.

If that is your position, then own it. Don’t cloak yourself in the cape of “true activism” while supporting prohibition at the same time. We are beyond the point of mincing words. It is time for action.