Sen. Elizabeth Warren Wants the CDC to Look into Marijuana Legalization

Senator Elizabeth Warren Wants the CDC to Look Into Medical Marijuana

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) wants the Centers for Disease Control to look into using cannabis as an alternative to dangerous and addictive painkillers. She expressed her opinion in a letter to Tom Friedan, the head of the CDC.

Senator Warren urged the CDC to study “the impact of the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana on opioid overdose deaths.” Recent studies have shown great promise when it comes to cannabis being able to get people addicted to painkillers off of them.

Of course this will not sit well with the big pharmaceutical companies and the politicians they own. But trying to stifle the advance of more legal cannabis access for people is a losing battle. Pharmaceutical companies would best serve their shareholders by getting into the marijuana industry before other companies get a strong foothold. They have the money to get licenses and build factories and distribution centers. They have the scientific expertise that can be used to unleash more from the cannabis plant.

Those who are shortsighted now will pay for their mistake later when their market share in the medicine industry begins to plummet. Paying off politicians to keep the status quo never works for long; advancements are always right around the corner, and legal marijuana’s time is now.

Sadly, the federal government continues to drag its feet while activists are getting laws changed in cities and states across the country. Bureaucrats can’t be expected to care about the needs of sick people, and if they do, there isn’t much they can do about it anyway.

Despite the best efforts of activists over the last several decades, cannabis law reform is still not something that is on the radar of most of the people in Washington D.C. who hold the power.

That is what has to change.