Thanks SAM, But We Have It Covered

Thanks SAM, But We Have It Covered

The anti-marijuana legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana has recently come out in favor of cannabis research. That’s right, they say they want to know more about the possible medical benefits of the plant.

Well, welcome to the club. You know who else wants more research? Every single legalization advocate who has ever, or will ever, live. We all want to find out everything this amazing plant can do. Personally, I believe we have only scratched the surface of the abilities of cannabis.

SAM is performing what in war is known as a “strategic retreat.” They are getting pummeled on all fronts by the growing momentum of the legalization movement. So instead of defending the ground they currently battle on, they have retreated so they can regroup and make another stand. Their ultimate goal is to cripple recreational legalization. By becoming “champions” of the medical side, they hope to 1) take advantage of the amazing poll numbers medical marijuana gets (in other words, not seem so fringe) and 2) drive a wedge between those who favor strictly medical marijuana legalization and those who favor full legalization.

They want to cut the cannabis plant down into its many compounds and let the pharmaceutical giants make pills out if it. Pills you will “get hooked on” so you have to go to the rehabs their buddies conveniently own. It’s a win-win situation for them. Cannabis moves into the pharmacies right next to the dangerous narcotics. No more dispensaries, or “pot profiteers” as SAM calls them.

They hope this will be enough for voters to say, “Well, recreational legalization is a bit much, let’s just stick to medical.” Scaring the soccer moms with one hand while offering the seemingly reasonable medical research stance with the other.

The problem SAM has is that the train has left the station. Lies about cannabis are easily refuted with a simple link or a few words typed into a search engine. Right now the older people voting against legalization tend not to be on the Internet that much. But young people are.

Who will still be around to vote in the coming years?