There Is Infighting in Every Community, It Must Be Overcome

There Is Infighting in Every Community, It Must Be Overcome

Much has been made in the media about the infighting in the cannabis legalization movement, and for good reason — it is usually very vocal and can get nasty. It was made famous in California during the battle over Prop 19 in 2010. Things were taken to another level in Washington in 2012 with the slugfest that grew out of I-502, and to a lesser extent in Colorado.

In 2015, a battle has erupted in the unlikely state of Ohio centered on a proposal by a group known as ResponsibleOhio. Allegations are flying, and many cannabis activists are unhappy with the corporate growing restrictions that come with the RO plan. Everyone has their own opinion, as they should, and many make their opinion known on social media.

Some see the infighting as a detriment to the movement overall, but it can be looked at another way. All large movements have infighting to varying degrees. The strongest movements survive and thrive, despite internal problems.

In the end, all cannabis activists want one thing: people no longer being punished for growing and consuming cannabis. No more people in jail or in the criminal justice system for cannabis offensives. Simply to be left alone as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of anyone else.

Most in the movement focus on that goal. That is what keeps it strong, that and the inescapable truth that we spread about the cannabis plant. The truth that can no longer be hidden thanks to the instant, worldwide communication the Internet has brought about. The cannabis movement will not only survive the infighting — it will become stronger because of it.

Truth is a powerful weapon. If you wield it correctly, it is unstoppable.