U.S. Needs To Follow Italy's Lead: Grow Pot & Free Prisoners

U.S. Needs To Follow Italy's Lead: Grow Pot & Free Prisoners

Here in the states, the military continues to ban any kind of marijuana use; whether beneficial to the soldier or not, they’re simply not having it. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Italian Army that is planning to put its troops to work in the cannabis fields to help the cultivation process in hopes of getting a higher quality product to the medical marijuana patients throughout the nation in a more timely fashion. Although medical cannabis has been legal in Italy for nearly two decades already, there have been no private growers since the Italian government has only allowed cannabis to be grown legally for research purposes. It is for this reason that the country imports all of its medical marijuana patients’ cannabis-based medicines, costing patients upwards of $900 for a one-month supply.

In addition, the country recently announced that it will release nearly 10,000 inmates that have been incarcerated due to extremely harsh and outdated marijuana laws, making Italy the latest nation to self-reflect, if you will, and impose sensible drug reforms. Back before the sweeping drug reforms, the country imposed mandatory sentencing that tripled prison terms for non-violent pot offenses. Now many inmates are looking to have their sentences drastically reduced, while thousands of others will be straight-up released.

"The so-called drug war as conceived in North America has been lost and it's time to return to rational rules that distinguish between substances," said Franco Corleone with Society of Reason.

The Italian government's decision to reduce the sentences of marijuana offenders is expected to greatly reduce the inmate population of Europe's most overcrowded prison system. Statistics show that nearly 40 percent of Italy's 60,000 prisoners are currently doing time for drug-related crime. 

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