Washington City Pursues Pot License

Find bigfoot and find cannabis in North Bonneville

Get high and stare at these Bigfoot statues in North Bonneville, Washington

SEATTLE, WA — Dozens of Washington cities have passed legal pot moratoriums in the wake of voter-approved cannabis stores, yet more cities are now enacting legal cannabis zoning regulations. One city has gone further than all of the rest and is pondering the possibility of opening a government-run pot shop. According to The Columbian, the city of North Bonneville actually hired a consultant to assist them with the cannabis-induced vision.

"This is all very preliminary, but our thumbnail sketch would be to build a building for this purpose on a city-owned property within city limits," said Mayor Don Stevens. "We're trying to be proactive and look at our options to stay in the driver's seat, instead of watching it all unfold."

The state's pot regulator isn't sure whether a city can even hold a pot shop license. Liquor board spokesman Brian Smith told The Columbian that cities are asked to review applications for cannabis stores, and that could create a conflict of interest.

But North Bonneville officials are moving forward with the plan, despite the state's uncertainty. And with a 30-day application window for legal cannabis licenses starting on November 18, Mayor Stevens says a moratorium could jeopardize the city's own pot business plans. "That makes it more likely that operations will end up in the hands of somebody else. Maybe it would be a local resident, but who's to say it's not going to be some guy from Jersey."

And with cannabis tourism expected to reap great reward for Washington State, the tiny city of North Bonneville is poised to capitalize on this cannabis craze. Radio voice: Located less than an hour's drive from Portland, this gem of the Columbia River Gorge has everything you need for a great vacation, whether windsurfing, wine or weed. Just a stone's throw from the Bridge of the Gods, the natural splendor and gourmet ganja will help connect you to mother nature—and perhaps to the couch. North Bonneville: Aim Higher.