Washington D.C. Legalization Camp Selects Slogans for Initiative 17

D.C. Initiative 17

With the vote to legalize recreational weed in November, the Washington, D.C. pro-legalization camp has settled on its campaign slogan: “Legalize.”

Short and to the point—we like it.

Each campaign poster will also have a sub-header reading, “Vote to refocus police priorities,” or “Legalization ends discrimination.” Both messages speak directly to the main arguments for legalization in D.C. specifically.

Of the 57,000 voters who signed the petition that got Initiative 71 on the November ballot, the majority cited ‘refocus police priorities’ as the main reason to legalize. 

Secondly, countless civil liberties studies have emerged proving that while marijuana use is pretty equitable between blacks and whites, eight out of ten people arrested for marijuana possession are black. This discrepancy proves discrimination without a doubt and highlights how broken D.C.’s penal system regarding weed really is.

A Washington Post poll found that respondents supported legalization by a margin of 2 to 1, so the measure has a pretty good shot. If passed, Initiative 71 would allow adults 21 and over to possess up to 2 oz of weed and to grow a small number of plants for personal use. It would also allow weed to be freely passed between adults without the exchange of money.

And if its supporters get what they hope for, it will also decrease the wasted time and blatant discrimination of D.C. police.