Medical Marijuana Sales Increased Nearly 50% Last Year in Maine

Medical Marijuana Sales Increase Nearly 50% in Maine

Numbers coming out of Maine Revenue Services report that medical marijuana sales in the Pine Tree State have increased nearly 50% from 2014 to 2015.

Last year, Maine’s licensed dispensaries took in $23.6 million in revenue — a 46% increase from $16.2 million in 2014— as more Mainers sought relief from medical marijuana. This year’s sales generated $1.29 million in taxes for the state.

Most Voters in Three Swing States Support Legalization

Most Voters in Three Swing States Support Legalization

A new poll has found that the majority of voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — three key swing states for the presidential election — all support legalizing marijuana.

The Quinnipiac University conducted the poll and found that slim majorities in the three states are for total legalization, while medical marijuana is supported by drastic margins.

In Florida, 55% of voters support legalization versus 42% against, and 84% of voters support medical marijuana versus 14% against.