Cooking with Weed: Danksgiving

Cooking with Weed: Danksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time of the year, getting together with family and friends for a marathon of merriment — a day of intense preparation and intense gluttony here in the United States, where we get high enough off of tryptophan that we forget the initial cause of the holiday. Thanksgiving is my number-one holiday. In fact that has always been true, and it’s only gotten better with age. Now, we have Friendsgivings too, creating a possible weeklong celebration of turkey stuffing, and another contender: Danksgiving. 

OregonLive Claims Corrupt THC Testing in Its State

OregonLive Claims Corrupt THC Testing in Edibles

Ever since journalist Maureen Dowd ate AN ENTIRE THC-laced candy bar and then spent the subsequent 8 hours lying on her hotel bed convinced she was dying, the testing and regulation of edibles has been a hot topic. Recently, OregonLive conducted an independent investigation regarding the potency of the marijuana edibles in their state. Their results were very different from those of the state-monitored laboratories.